The iPhone 8 is the worthy successor of the iPhone 7. Released at the same time as its new big brother iPhone X, The iPhone 8 by Apple is an excellent smartphone.

Having the best iPhone 8 shell is important; it is often the only bulwark against cracked screens. To avoid you spending too much money on screen replacements, Phonesncases has selected for you the best Cheap iPhone 8 Cases!

Top 10 of the Best iPhone 8 cases:

10 - RANVOO iPhone 8 case

RANVOO offers a protective shell for iPhone 8. Minimalist but effective!

9 - iATO iPhone Leather iPhone 8 Case

For fans of iPhone leather covers, iATO offers us a product of average quality but at a very affordable price. Note the presence of a wooden back panel that looks simply amazing.

8 - Fyy Magnetic iPhone 8 Case

Always in the game of iPhone 8 covers, Fyy offers us a magnetic case with two windows to pick up the phone without opening the case, which is very convenient even if the fact that the screen is more exposed to external factors

7 - Glossy Transparent ESR Case for iPhone 8

For those who love shiny shells, ESR gratifies us with an ultra glossy and transparent case for iPhone 8:

6 - Spigen Thin Fit iPhone 8 Case

As always, Spigen deliver with this Spigen Thin Fit iPhone 8 Case. Go for it without any doubt!

5 - iPhone 8 ESR case with stand

Very practical when on the go, the kick stang / crutch of this shell ESR is a real asset.

4 - OtterBox Symmetry Anti-Chock iPhone 8 Case

If you have a job that exposes you to many potential shocks, or just live in a hostile environment for the iPhone 8 (construction, fieldwork) then go for a shockproof reinforced shell for iPhone 8, like this one, by Otterbox.

3 - OtterBox DEFENDER SERIES Case for iPhone 8

In the same vein, you have this OtterBox anti-shock case that will save your from a lot of disasters!

2 - X-Doria iPhone 8 case in carbon fiber texture

If you want a carbon look, which is always nice, opt for this shell design for iPhone 8

1 - Transparent Liquid Crystal iPhone 8 case by Spigen

Finally, and this is my current iPhone 8 case, here is the winner of our top 10. At the same time inexpensive, robust & light, this Spigen iPhone 8 shell will be able to be forgotten while providing a good protection to your Apple smartphone last generation! Go for it!